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Stout to Slender


This Live Well First Weight Loss program is designed for those with a body mass index (BMI) of 30-40 (Click HERE to use a BMI calculator). Other applicants may be considered for admission to the course, depending upon their body composition and how far outside of the aforementioned range their BMI falls. Students will explore the scientific principles behind reaching and maintaining a state of wellness. With the support of a small group of peers (10-12) and the supervision of a certified trainer, students will have the chance to apply these principles to losing excess weight, improving health, and reaching other personal goals. Grading criteria are intended to encourage participants and help maintain an active, dedicated, and supportive environment of peers. Click HERE to apply!

Learning Objectives:

  • Diet:
    • Understand the nutritional needs of the body and the effects that various nutrients have on your body.
    • Apply these principles to develop a healthy and sustainable diet.
  • Exercise:
    • Understand the effects that various types of physical activities have on your body.
    • Apply these principles to develop a healthy and sustainable exercise routine.
  • Lifestyle and Weight Maintenance
    • Assess your lifestyle and the many pressures and influences that affect your choices each day.
    • Learn strategies for staying on track with your wellness plan, despite the many pressures and influences.
  • Physical Wellness Objectives:
    • Help you bring yourself to a normal body weight (BMI <25) by means of healthy living.
    • Build lean mass to help maintain healthy posture, prevent injuries, and increase metabolic rate.
    • Improve your cardiovascular system to improve your heart’s health, increase endurance, among many other benefits.
    • Build functional capacity to facilitate the activities of daily life.

Required Equipment:

  • Equipment will be provided.

Price and Payment:

  • Only $299 for the entire 8 week course.
  • We accept cash, check, or credit card.
  • Payments can be made in-full upon registration, or in two installments of $149.50, 50% upon registration and 50% the week before class begins.

Grade Components:

  • 70% Weight loss
  • 20% Attendance
  • 10% Quiz scores

Grading Scale:

Percentage: <60%    | Grade: F | Outcome: Allowed to resume the course after two months to allow time to make your situation more conducive to a wellness program.

Percentage: 60-70%  | Grade: D | Outcome: Allowed to resume the course after one month to allow time to make your situation more conducive to a wellness program.

Percentage: 71-80%  | Grade: C | Outcome: Program continuance.

Percentage: 81-90%  | Grade: B | Outcome: Live Well First Silver Membership, 10% refund of initial fee.

Percentage: 90-100% | Grade: A | Outcome: Live Well First Gold Membership, 15% refund of initial fee.


Those who achieve a grade of A, B, or C are invited back to attend the next scheduled Stout to Slender class.


Component Descriptions:

  • Weight loss: The weight you actually lose will be calculated as a percentage of your goal weight loss. For example; if your goal was to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks, and you actually lost 8, your weight loss grade percentage would be 80%.
  • Attendance: The percentage of required training sessions and discussions with your personal wellness coach that you actually attend will determine this portion of your grade.
  • Quiz Scores: Each week, a short lesson and quiz will be available on www.livewellfirst.com. You are free to use any source, including a friend, to complete these quizzes.
  • Group Training Sessions: Group training classes will be offered 3 days per week. You must attend all 3 full sessions each week to earn all of your attendance points. If one session is missed, you are expected to make up this training session on your own.
  • Personal Wellness Coaching:
 Each month, you will have a one-on-one phone discussion with your trainer. The coach will discuss with you the course of your program and answer any questions you may have.